Talk About It Tuesdays

What are you doing the first Tuesday in June?  Why, you will be checking out our new social media campaign, of course!

Each Tuesday for the next five Tuesdays (and beyond), “Braking the Cycle” will be posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram a series of photos and stories that are sure to get you talking!

For this first series, we’ve teamed up with an amazing group of dynamic Seattle Pacific University students who have put together a fabulous campaign to help you see that “Not All Bruises Are Physical”.

Not All Bruises Are Physical

Our brave student volunteers have put their own faces forward to help tell the stories for others experiencing sexual, emotional, financial or psychological abuse.  These are the ‘hidden’ abuses that happen every day.  You can’t see the abuse, but the bruises are there none the less.  By exposing these topics and offering alternative healthy scenarios, we hope to get a conversation started so that people experiencing abuse can ‘see’ that they are not alone and that there is help available.  So let’s get talking instead of staying isolated, in silence and shame.  Let’s get talking to help ourselves or to help others.

“Talk about it Tuesdays”…worth talking about!