A bike can be comfortable!

Are you considering training for and participating in The Cycle the WAVE ride this September? The first thought that crosses your mind may be that the last time you rode your bike it was so uncomfortable you thought, ‘I don’t want to touch that thing again!’ Or maybe, you suffer from numb hands or toes, knee pain, lower back pain, neck aches or shoulder stiffness when riding your bike and shrug it off as ‘normal’ for cycling. These are not ‘normal’!

Most of these issues can likely be fixed with a detailed bike fit. Yes, we know that when you bought your bike the bike shop likely did a quick fit asking you, ‘How does that feel?’ after riding maybe 5 or 10 minutes. Of course, it felt great! It’s new! But, get out for a 60+ minute ride and things change. There are many touch points that this quick fit likely skipped.

At Real Rehab Sports and Physical Therapy, we understand that every cyclist is unique. We understand that each body is different with regard to flexibility, dimensions, strength and general health, all of which can affect how you sit on your saddle, rest your feet on the pedals and/or grab a hold of the handlebars. How you are positioned on a bike can mean the difference between experiencing your full cycling potential or fighting inefficiency or discomfort and risking painful injuries.

What should a bike fit consist of that’s different from ‘How does that feel’? Great question!

At Real Rehab Sports and Physical Therapy we offer 2 types of bike fits: The Performance Bike Fit and  the Biomechanical Bike Fit (click the links for further details). Whichever fit service you choose – Performance or Biomechanical, your physical therapist, trained in the science and art of bike fitting will take the time to assess your movements and alignment both off the bike and on the bike in order to match your bike to your body in a way that makes you smile rather than grimace.

The Performance Bike Fit is perfect for the rider who has no acute musculoskeletal injuries and is seeking improvements in efficiency and performance. This is a cash-based service ($280) and is scheduled as a one-time 2-hour session. A great choice if your goal is to finish with a smile on the Fierce or Mighty Sister rides!

The Biomechanical Bike Fit is for the cyclist who is experiencing pain while cycling for health and wellness benefits. This service maybe covered by your health insurance in accordance with an appropriate physical therapy diagnosis.

In addition to our regular services, we are offering a special for Cycle the WAVE participants: a one hour ‘Comfort’ fit ($125). This fit session is perfect for the rider who uses flat pedals and who are looking to complete the Brave and Strong Sister rides.