SPU Student “Not All Bruises are Physical” Project – 2016

Congratulations to our very own group of SPU senior nursing students who are this year’s winners of the Lillian Wald Award for Collaboration and Partnership with the Community!

This year’s group of senior nursing students from Seattle Pacific University have outdone themselves by providing The WAVE Foundation with an award winning media campaign titled “Talk About It Tuesday”. The students produced a series of facial photos showing a face where one half has a bruise and the other half has words that mirror the bruise. The tag line says “Not All Bruises Are Physical” with accompanying text to discuss the form of abuse, (sexual, emotional, financial or psychological) being addressed by the photo. Most importantly, the text includes a healthy alternative to the abusive remarks presented on the faces. The series is presented in a packet to be posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for five consecutive Tuesdays for our “Talk About It Tuesday” campaign. The hope is that these sometimes disturbing images will hopefully spark awareness and conversations about the ‘invisible’ forms of abuse and educate readers about healthy versus unhealthy relationships. The series comes with an instruction guide so that The WAVE Foundation can market it to other agencies, hospitals, and public health institutions for dissemination on their own websites.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to these earnest and dedicated nurses for their commitment to this project to help The WAVE Foundation in our education and awareness efforts.

SPU nursing program graduates, pictured left to right above – Aaron, Professor Heidi, Sterling, Mandi, Katie Paige and Kiley.