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The WAVE Foundation raises awareness about the societal impact of relationship violence and sexual assault. We build community, and we fundraise to address the issue. We empower everyone, particularly youth and young adults, to recognize the warning signs of violence and to prevent its occurrence.

In the last 18 months, The WAVE Foundation has been experiencing an amazing level of growth and support for all our events and our Discover Your Power program. We hope you’ve noticed and are as excited as we are by the many ways we’re making an impact.

As a result of our growth, we are transitioning our Facebook messaging to more effectively communicate with you via our two Facebook pages.

The WAVE Foundation Facebook page will be where we post all things related to programming and the changing landscape of relationship and sexual violence awareness; this includes our Talk About It Tuesdays feature articles.

The Cycle and Walk the WAVE Facebook page will become primarily focused on the event, including articles specific to cycling and fitness.

Will we certainly continue cross posting between pages for certain topics that relate to both.

This evolution has begun, and we’d be grateful if you would take a minute to ‘like‘ and share The WAVE Foundation Facebook page.

As an added incentive, anyone who ‘likes’ The WAVE Foundation Facebook page between today and August 25 will be entered into a drawing to win a Bikerchick Necklace..