John Duggan – AKA The King of Water Bottles!

Longtime WAVE supporter John Duggan, Cycling Attorney has given out about 17,000 free bicycle water bottles throughout the Puget Sound region! He has done a variety of “joint venture” bottles including the last five beautiful WAVE designs. These bottles have taken on a life of their own and many have become worldwide travelers as people take staged photos in exotic locations around the world (Machu Picchu, Peru photo below).

“Years ago when my practice began focusing on bicycle advocacy, I was looking for a “giveaway” type item that would have some sort of bicycle connection. A buddy of mine told me that if I was going to give away something, make sure it was good quality”.  John found a high quality bottle that meets all of these requirements made by Specialized here in the USA.   His bottles cost three times more than the cost of the cheaper versions but they are the best in the business with soft, safe plastic and a rubber valve.

The Duggan-sponsored bottle (also known as a “JD”) certainly has become part of the Duggan branding machine. “Whenever I see cycling photos on Facebook I will always look to see what bottle the cyclist is using. While I am riding I will also take notice if I see a ‘JD’ on somebody else’s bike.”

JD Macchu Bottle pic

“About six years ago my family and I were in Waterford, Ireland at a summer festival with some cousins when a bicycle police officer came whizzing by. I am always curious as to what type of bike the police officers are using and while looking at the bike I noticed, to my amazement, that the police officer had a ‘JD’ water bottle. After the officer finished apprehending the person he was chasing, I introduced myself and asked him where he obtained the bottle. As it turns out, his mother lives near my cousin and my cousin had left several bottles with his mother.”   What a small world—Duggan certainly did not expect to see one of his bottles on a police bike 6000 miles from Seattle!

In a soon to be published website, the JD bottle will have its own page, so that people can upload their photos of the water bottle…sort of a “Where’s Waldo?”  While we are pretty certain that the “JD” has traveled to every continent in the world except Antarctica, it’s his support of 17 teams  and many local events like Cycle the WAVE that make John Duggan a bona fide “King” in our eyes!