Fight the Fear Campaign Joins TWF

The WAVE Foundation has long held the dream of growing its mission to reach more youth.  This cornerstone is built on the belief that education and awareness are paramount to breaking the cycle of abuse and the far-reaching effects it has on the lives of our youth and their communities.  We are one giant step closer to making that dream a reality.  We have the great honor of announcing our new strategic partnership with the Fight the Fear Campaign.

The Fight the Fear Campaign has offered over 700 hours of healthy relationship education and prevention tools teaching basic skills that are a proven deterrent to violence within local high schools, middle schools and collegiate campuses.

This new partnership will allow both our organizations, TWF and FtF, to increase our footprint and expand our education programming across the region as we educate youth about relationship violence and sexual assault awareness.

Over the next few months our Braking the Cycle program and the Fight the Fear Campaign will be merged into a joint program – Discover Your Power!

Stay tuned for more details on this exciting evolution of our organization.

You can learn more about the Fight the Fear Campaign from this short video from KIRO News7.

MegganAtkins2016We are introducing Meggan Atkins as the program director for The WAVE Foundation’s new strategic partnership with the Fight the Fear Campaign.

Meggan will be focused on expanding the reach of the Fight the Fear programming throughout the entire region. Meggan organizes workshops and community events to further our quest to teach strength through confidence. She has been teaching the *Empowerment Model of Self-Defense for six years in local middle schools, high schools, and on college campuses. Meggan joined the Fight the Fear Campaign in 2010 after creating a high school girls’ self-defense program in the Issaquah School District, where she was a middle school teacher for almost twenty years.

*Includes listening and acting on your instincts, acknowledging healthy vs. unhealthy relationship qualities, and much more.