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Braking the Cycle

“Braking the Cycle” is the education and awareness arm of The WAVE Foundation. We aim to ‘brake’ the cycle of abuse by helping people to recognize the warning signs of domestic violence, learn how to help someone experiencing abuse and understand why someone doesn’t leave an abusive relationship. We all have a part to play in learning about the world around us and fostering healthy relationships in our homes and in our lives. Please join us by making a promise to become better educated about this pervasive problem and help us to create healthier relationships in our society.


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“Talk About It Tuesdays”

Talk about it Tuesdays2016

“Braking the Cycle” has teamed up with an amazing group of dynamic SPU nursing students who have put together a fabulous campaign to help you see that “Not All Bruises Are Physical”.  The “Not All Bruises Are Physical” campaign information will be here and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram starting next Tuesday, June 7th. Come check it out!

Not All Bruises Are Physical
Our brave student volunteers have put their own faces forward to help tell the stories for others experiencing sexual, emotional, financial or psychological abuse. These are the ‘hidden’ abuses that happen every day. You can’t see the abuse but the bruises are there none the less. By exposing these topics and offering alternative healthy scenarios, we hope to get a conversation started so that people experiencing abuse can ‘see’ that they are not alone and that there is help available. So, let’s get talking instead of staying isolated, in silence and shame. Let’s get talking to help ourselves or to help others.

“Talk About It Tuesdays”…worth talking about!

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