The WAVE Foundation’s Discover Your Power Program:

Through Awareness, Community, and Empowerment we are working to end relationship violence and sexual assault.

Our Discover Your Power program is committed to empowering young people through training in relationship violence education, sexual assault awareness and self-defense.  Our curriculum is designed to reach a wide range of ages and abilities, and you can find us building impactful relationships in schools throughout the Puget Sound region. Our self-defense programs, designed for the specific needs of each age group, focus on the empowerment model and include skills in boundary setting, assertive communication, confidence building, and intuition honing.  Our college-level programs focus on the themes of social norms, consent, and bystander intervention.  Each program is listed below and outlined in its attached document:

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Five Fingers of Self-Defense:

  • THINK: listen to your intuition, be alert, practice confidence, and recognize the red flags that often precede assault
  • YELL: use your voice to de-escalate a situation or to bring power to your strikes; your voice can center you, startle your assailant, draw attention to the situation and ensure that you’re breathing and grounded
  • AVOID: set clear, firm boundaries with your body and voice, utilize release moves
  • FIGHT: use what’s free, know your targets, be 100% committed
  • TELL: tell your story, get support and healing for yourself and others

Download a Discover Your Power Waiver