Cycle the WAVE Featured Rider

Our featured rider is Julianne Courtenay – a wife, mother and physical therapist-shareholder for CtW sponsor Therapeutic Associates, in Southern California.  She is also an avid Cycle the WAVE supporter and travels three states and over 1500  miles to support the cause.  In interviewing  Julianne to discover a bit more about her passion for physical therapy and cycling, much more was uncovered about the person Julianne is and how she loves to give back in amazing capacities.

When asked who she is, Julianne describes herself as a person who is passionate about helping people.  She functions best when serving as her patients’ “optimistic, positive musculoskeletal cheering section”, helping individuals retain function and mobility.

Upon hearing about Cycle the WAVE, Julianne was made aware of the organization by her good friend and original founder of CtW – Sharon Anderson.  Julianne knew she had to take action, join the cause, and support this merge of important things – helping people, her love of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and her love of riding.

Although Julianne does not have a personal experience with what victims of domestic violence face, she knew it was important to take action and support the cause.  The ability for great women to come together and help create a change was most important to her.  Just like being a personal function and mobility advocate as a physical therapist, Julianne knows that her activity in CtW makes her an advocate for an important cause that helps so many.  She also mentioned how important it is that every dollar counts and with CtW you can see exactly where funds are spent.

Julianne truly embodies what it means to be a leader within healthcare as well as a champion for a cause that has such great impact.

Thank you, Julianne, for all you do!!!