Not Your Average Cycling Jersey…

Meet the Eastside Fashionistas Who Bring Panache and Fun to Cycle the WAVE!

Val & Deborah 2015 JerseyWhat happens when you put a couple of dreamers with design savvy together in the same room? MAGIC…or, in other words, a Cycle the WAVE “signature” jersey!

These original creations, now in their eighth year, are by Deborah Taylor and Val Davis. From their first collaboration in 2009, these two artistic athletes have had synergy and style. The result is that so many have felt their impact. WAVE riders have eye-catching, unique, fun and flattering jerseys to enjoy, whether cycling or not. Wearing these jerseys creates awareness for the cause of domestic violence. Additionally, sales of each year’s “signature” jersey are a source of fundraising for Cycle the WAVE.

Deborah Taylor is a founding member of Cycle the WAVE as well as the Lakemont Ladies Cycling Club. She enjoys mentoring new cyclists and competing in triathlons, so she really knows about fitness and what active women like to wear. Deborah holds an undergraduate degree in Art and has always loved drawing. She also believes that she has the biggest colored pencil collection in the Lakemont area…and maybe even the Eastside!

Val Davis, also a cycling enthusiast, experienced her first Cycle the WAVE in 2009 and has been a dedicated WAVE rider ever since. She is an expert seamstress and quilter, including ten years as a quilting teacher. Val is completely self-taught and has won top awards in 4H sewing. She also has a keen eye for fashion, working at Nordstrom and appreciates the beauty of color and quality fabrics.

These two have found great reward contributing to WAVE with their special blend of creativity, artfulness and spirit. They are always keeping their eyes open for things that inspire them and look interesting, including notecards, holiday decorations and fabrics.

Ideas really start percolating after each ride is over. The design process continues as Val describes her vision and Deborah translates it to paper and the computer. Eventually, they meet with Primal, Cycle the WAVE’s jersey manufacturer and sponsor and, TA DAH – a new “signature” WAVE jersey is born.

Deborah and Val hope you enjoy wearing your Cycle the WAVE jersey created especially with women in mind. Get ready for 2016’s big reveal soon!

**We thank you so much, Deborah and Val!**

View all of our fabulous past WAVE “signature” jersey designs here.

CtW “Fluff and Puff” Team

Do you remember the beautifully decorated bathrooms at Bellevue College for Cycle the WAVE 2014?  Our own “Fluff and Puff” team made it happen with their lovely DIY decorations.  Look for them again this year.  They are also working hard to “fluff” up the photo booth station with fun colorful frames to make your pictures really stand out.  Cycle the WAVE’s “Fluff and Puff” team are making sure the fun continues!

Seeking Grant Review Committee Nominations

Do you want to get involved or do you know someone who would be great contributors to The WAVE Foundation? If so, nominate yourself or your friend to serve on The WAVE Foundation’s Grant Review Committee. This committee reviews grant proposals submitted to The WAVE Foundation and develops recommendations for The WAVE Foundation Board regarding which applications to fund.

We ask for a minimum commitment of two years on the committee. The time frame for the committee’s work is from mid-September to mid-November, with meetings occurring two to three times during that period. Expect to spend at least two to four hours outside of meetings to research and read the grant proposals.

Nominations (including self-nominations) should include name, contact information (phone/email) and a brief statement of interest and qualifications. Nominations are due August 1st and should be sent to with “nomination” in the subject line. If you have additional questions or require more information, feel free to contact us at that same address.