Elaine Denslow and the Allstate Foundation Support Cycle the WAVE

Elaine Denslow Sheds Light on Financial Side of Domestic Violence

“It’s unacceptable!” said Seattle native and local business owner, Elaine Denslow. This is how she feels about the statistic that one in four women will be affected by domestic violence in her lifetime.

Elaine, the owner of The Denslow Agency for more than 20 years in Bellevue, is excited to turn her sentiment into concrete action during the tenth anniversary of Cycle the WAVE on Sept. 17.

You will find a #PurplePurse tassel in your goody bag. This clip-on tassel symbolizes your support for a world free of domestic violence. The reference to a purse or wallet is intentional: financial abuse occurs in 99% cases of domestic violence.

Elaine and fellow Good Hands volunteers will be hosting The Allstate Foundation booth at the finish line festival. Come and visit the booth so you can:

  • Write an encouragement card to a domestic violence survivor. These cards will be placed on beds in shelters (samples will be available for those looking for assistance with wordsmithing).
  • Try your skill at corn hole!  Toss the bean bags and if you show either skill or spirit, you are likely to win a prize!

“Camaraderie and community are both powerful, and they’re both antidotes to the isolation that often accompanies domestic violence,” said Elaine when asked what compelled her to get involved with Cycle the WAVE. Elaine is also a member of the Allstate Against Abuse Team – a growing network of Allstate professionals using education and volunteerism to end the cycle of domestic violence, one survivor at a time.

Look for Elaine at The Allstate Foundation booth on the 17th – she’ll be wearing a purple purse lapel pin. We recommend asking Elaine about what purple wardrobe items she owns to show her support for domestic violence awareness. One is sporty and the other is decidedly fancy!

The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse is the longest running national campaign focused on ending domestic violence through financial empowerment. In the state of Washington in 2016, The Allstate Foundation’s investment in domestic violence support was $183,000.

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The WAVE Foundation raises awareness about the societal impact of relationship violence and sexual assault. We build community, and we fundraise to address the issue. We empower everyone, particularly youth and young adults, to recognize the warning signs of violence and to prevent its occurrence.

In the last 18 months, The WAVE Foundation has been experiencing an amazing level of growth and support for all our events and our Discover Your Power program. We hope you’ve noticed and are as excited as we are by the many ways we’re making an impact.

As a result of our growth, we are transitioning our Facebook messaging to more effectively communicate with you via our two Facebook pages.

The WAVE Foundation Facebook page will be where we post all things related to programming and the changing landscape of relationship and sexual violence awareness; this includes our Talk About It Tuesdays feature articles.

The Cycle and Walk the WAVE Facebook page will become primarily focused on the event, including articles specific to cycling and fitness.

Will we certainly continue cross posting between pages for certain topics that relate to both.

This evolution has begun, and we’d be grateful if you would take a minute to ‘like‘ and share The WAVE Foundation Facebook page.

As an added incentive, anyone who ‘likes’ The WAVE Foundation Facebook page between today and August 25 will be entered into a drawing to win a Bikerchick Necklace..

Scott Shively Memorial Golf Tournament

For 2017 the 4th annual Scott Shively Memorial Golf Tournament will be supporting The WAVE Foundation’s efforts to raise awareness about the problems of sexual assault and domestic violence.

This 4th annual tournament honors Scott, who as a college International Relations/Social Justice major lived his life with purpose and integrity and took action as a bystander when he saw the call to need. His adult life was cut short, but we want to honor his memory for the bravery and courage he showed in the time he was present and that his actions made a difference.

Because of Scott’s, as well as his family’s interest in local Northwest efforts to raise awareness about women’s issues including domestic violence, the WAVE Foundation has been designated as a beneficiary of this tournament.

An anonymous donor will match $1,000 of donations made to The WAVE Foundation!

Everyone is welcome to golf at this fun, low-key event.

Willows Run Golf Course
August 9th, 2017
8:00 a.m. Shotgun Start

Registration fee is $55 plus a $50 donation to The WAVE Foundation

Please contact Nancy Belur at nancy@thewavefoundation.org for registration. Registration deadline Friday, August 4th.

The WAVE Foundation is building community to support the cause and raise money, and We Empower Everyone, especially youth, to recognize the warning signs and prevent it from happening.

We’re against violence everywhere. Because it can happen to anyone.