“Braking the Cycle” visits the Gender Equality Club at M.I. High School

Gender Equality Club logo

This week, The WAVE Foundation’s “Braking the Cycle” program was invited to speak to the Gender Equality Club at Mercer Island High School. A dozen or so dedicated and compassionate teenagers gathered to increase their understanding about domestic violence and to learn more about healthy versus unhealthy relationships. Students were shown the powerful video from Private Violence titled “Why She Stayed” followed by an animated and introspective discussion session. Students were also given our new Healthy vs. Unhealthy relationship post cards which help raise awareness about unhealthy relationship patterns and offer insight into some of the features of healthy relationships.
The students loved the video and are currently seeking ways to promote the healthy relationship posters and post cards at their school. Executive Director, Sharon Anderson, board member, Marc Berejka and I were overwhelmed by the students’ enthusiasm and sincerity. The students provided excellent feedback about ways to reach out to their peers about the issues surrounding domestic violence. These truly are our future leaders and they are motivated and dedicated to help change our society for the better! Many thanks to the Gender Equality Club of Mercer Island High School. We look forward to working more with them in the future.

Elizabeth Salvo
Education and Awareness Advocate
Board Member
The WAVE Foundation