Key Bank supports The WAVE Foundation

Did you know….

For the second year in a row Key Bank has stepped up to to be a top level sponsor.  The Key Bank team is riding the WAVE again this year with their “Key for a Cure” Team. Supporting the local community has always been “key” to their success and is also the driving force in their innovative Key4Women program.

Key4Women® is a nationwide community of entrepreneurial and executive business women brought together by KeyBank to help them thrive. As a member of the Key4Women network women enjoy exclusive networking opportunities with other women who share a passion for business.

Key Bank is committed to championing women in business, with a fifty-year history of financing women-owned business. This philosophy flows from their top leadership, with CEO Beth Mooney serving as the first female chief executive of a top 20 bank. Join your peers in this unique women network; membership is free and available to businesswomen who bank with KeyBank.

Be sure to say a nice “Hello” if you spot the Key for a Cure team on the route and thank them for their support!

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The WAVE Foundation raises awareness about the societal impact of relationship violence and sexual assault. We build community, and we fundraise to address the issue. We empower everyone, particularly youth and young adults, to recognize the warning signs of violence and to prevent its occurrence.

In the last 18 months, The WAVE Foundation has been experiencing an amazing level of growth and support for all our events and our Discover Your Power program. We hope you’ve noticed and are as excited as we are by the many ways we’re making an impact.

As a result of our growth, we are transitioning our Facebook messaging to more effectively communicate with you via our two Facebook pages.

The WAVE Foundation Facebook page will be where we post all things related to programming and the changing landscape of relationship and sexual violence awareness; this includes our Talk About It Tuesdays feature articles.

The Cycle and Walk the WAVE Facebook page will become primarily focused on the event, including articles specific to cycling and fitness.

Will we certainly continue cross posting between pages for certain topics that relate to both.

This evolution has begun, and we’d be grateful if you would take a minute to ‘like‘ and share The WAVE Foundation Facebook page.

As an added incentive, anyone who ‘likes’ The WAVE Foundation Facebook page between today and August 25 will be entered into a drawing to win a Bikerchick Necklace..

Did you know….

Since the first Cycle the WAVE in 2008 the finish line badge has been designed by Paula Randolph?

Paula has donated her artistic skills and time every year to create a charming memento for our riders.

In 2008 she not only designed the badge, but she handmade each and every one!  

2008 Lanyard

As the event has grown hand   making badges was no longer practical, but Paula’s creative designs have continued to impress. NEW for 2017 is the addition of a badge designed specifically for our Walk participants. Here’s a peek at this year’s finisher badges!

2017 Lanyard


Paula’s creative work is not limited to the great support she provides The WAVE Foundation; it also extends to educational items for young children. She has an educational book series and regularly contributes her educational programs on

Thank you, Paula, for the years of supporting us and for all you do!



Meet the artist behind the 2017 jersey design

Have you noticed Cycle the WAVE jerseys popping up at nearly every cycling event lately? We started offering ride jerseys in year two of our ride. As the ride has grown, so too have the jersey counts!

Each cycling season brings a fresh and exciting new jersey design. This year is no exception. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, our in house jersey team* called upon local artist, Julie Christensen Rackley after seeing her art featured on a public art piece in downtown Issaquah. Her cheerful, colorful and whimsical art turned our heads on a dreary day in February.


After tracking her down and exchanging a flurry of emails, Julie graciously allowed us to use her design on this year’s jersey, arm warmers, vest, shorts and bib shorts.


We sat down with Julie recently in her studio to learn a little more about her. While Julie has long been drawn to creative pursuits, she has been painting in earnest for the last 5 years. Julie enjoys putting together the natural world with the built world. Julie explores her subjects through the physical act in the creation of her pieces. She paints in a multi-media format drawing on nature for its wonder as inspiration. Julie also uses repetition and pattern in her pieces, which are layered with paint, pattern or paper media. Occasionally only a small portion of the original layers appear in the finished piece. Sometimes she will use a nearly complete work as a starting point for a new canvas. Past works have had twenty layers or more with each layer expressing something she needs to communicate to herself in her exploration of the subject. She would like her work to connect the viewer to the larger natural world around us and to make people happy.

As writers journal thoughts, so too do artists journal their ideas. Julie fills a journal each year with art that is fun and free form and not necessarily intended for future projects. Although, one of her journal entries was the inspiration for the public art piece that caught our eye.

Julie is familiar with the work we do and is very happy to support our ride this year. While she won’t be riding with us, she will have a booth at the end of the ride. Please stop by her booth for a visit after your ride, extra smiles for wearing your jersey!

Article provided by Deb Taylor, Val Davis (the terrific TWF Jersey design team) with assistance from Carol McFarland. Thank you ladies!