Meet the artist behind the 2017 jersey design

Have you noticed Cycle the WAVE jerseys popping up at nearly every cycling event lately? We started offering ride jerseys in year two of our ride. As the ride has grown, so too have the jersey counts!

Each cycling season brings a fresh and exciting new jersey design. This year is no exception. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, our in house jersey team* called upon local artist, Julie Christensen Rackley after seeing her art featured on a public art piece in downtown Issaquah. Her cheerful, colorful and whimsical art turned our heads on a dreary day in February.


After tracking her down and exchanging a flurry of emails, Julie graciously allowed us to use her design on this year’s jersey, arm warmers, vest, shorts and bib shorts.


We sat down with Julie recently in her studio to learn a little more about her. While Julie has long been drawn to creative pursuits, she has been painting in earnest for the last 5 years. Julie enjoys putting together the natural world with the built world. Julie explores her subjects through the physical act in the creation of her pieces. She paints in a multi-media format drawing on nature for its wonder as inspiration. Julie also uses repetition and pattern in her pieces, which are layered with paint, pattern or paper media. Occasionally only a small portion of the original layers appear in the finished piece. Sometimes she will use a nearly complete work as a starting point for a new canvas. Past works have had twenty layers or more with each layer expressing something she needs to communicate to herself in her exploration of the subject. She would like her work to connect the viewer to the larger natural world around us and to make people happy.

As writers journal thoughts, so too do artists journal their ideas. Julie fills a journal each year with art that is fun and free form and not necessarily intended for future projects. Although, one of her journal entries was the inspiration for the public art piece that caught our eye.

Julie is familiar with the work we do and is very happy to support our ride this year. While she won’t be riding with us, she will have a booth at the end of the ride. Please stop by her booth for a visit after your ride, extra smiles for wearing your jersey!

Article provided by Deb Taylor, Val Davis (the terrific TWF Jersey design team) with assistance from Carol McFarland. Thank you ladies! 

Scott Shively Memorial Golf Tournament

For 2017 the 4th annual Scott Shively Memorial Golf Tournament will be supporting The WAVE Foundation’s efforts to raise awareness about the problems of sexual assault and domestic violence.

This 4th annual tournament honors Scott, who as a college International Relations/Social Justice major lived his life with purpose and integrity and took action as a bystander when he saw the call to need. His adult life was cut short, but we want to honor his memory for the bravery and courage he showed in the time he was present and that his actions made a difference.

Because of Scott’s, as well as his family’s interest in local Northwest efforts to raise awareness about women’s issues including domestic violence, the WAVE Foundation has been designated as a beneficiary of this tournament.

An anonymous donor will match $1,000 of donations made to The WAVE Foundation!

Everyone is welcome to golf at this fun, low-key event.

Willows Run Golf Course
August 9th, 2017
8:00 a.m. Shotgun Start

Registration fee is $55 plus a $50 donation to The WAVE Foundation

Please contact Nancy Belur at for registration. Registration deadline Friday, August 4th.

The WAVE Foundation is building community to support the cause and raise money, and We Empower Everyone, especially youth, to recognize the warning signs and prevent it from happening.

We’re against violence everywhere. Because it can happen to anyone.

Arctic Apples supports Cycle the WAVE

The life-changing work that The WAVE Foundation does to create awareness around domestic violence and empower women to break the cycle are goals that everyone should support. That is why we at Okanagan Specialty Fruits (OSF) are proud to sponsor this year’s Cycle the WAVE event through our Arctic® apples brand, and get behind such an important cause.

Our very own Jenn Armen, Director of Business Development and Marketing, has been a long-time supporter and rider, and will once again be participating in this year’s ride. She describes it as a truly unique experience, with many of the volunteers being male friends and family for this women-only ride.

“I became involved because I cycled with the women who founded the event and learned that 3 out of 4 women are victims of domestic violence,” explains Armen. “That was shocking to me, especially when I stopped to think about the women I’d come across over the course of my life and realized that probably many of these people were domestic violence victims and I was completely clueless. I figured if I didn’t know, then neither did many others. It was time to get involved – so I did.”

Consistent with OSF company platform of community outreach and education, we highly respect the work of The WAVE Foundation. The organization proactively reaches youth through education and empowerment, and successfully raises community awareness about domestic violence. To combine these great causes with a bike ride that also helps promote physical health makes the event an even better fit for us at OSF, as we will be launching our nonbrowning Arctic® apple varieties this fall!

Arctic® apples are a unique product as they don’t turn brown when bitten, sliced or bruised, and the unparalleled convenience and eating experience can help make healthy eating easier than ever. For example, nonbrowning apple slices don’t require preservatives to stop their browning and are more appealing as a result. Plus, more apples get eaten and fewer are wasted! Arctic® apples are tasty, healthy, and ready to eat so they’re the perfect fit for lunchboxes, salads, and of course – even as a mid-bike ride snack! These delicious slices will be available at the Arctic® apple rest stop during Cycle the WAVE and elsewhere, and we are very excited for participants and volunteers to be among the very first to try our product before it becomes available through retailers.

Arctic® apples would like to congratulate all the riders, volunteers, and supporters who are making a valuable impact by being involved in this important cause. The whole concept of a cycling event emulates one of our company’s core initiatives – being healthy!



Our Website has a New Look!

Welcome to The WAVE Foundation’s updated website!

The WAVE Foundation has undergone significant growth the past 12 months and we’re excited to have a website that remains content rich while more accurately reflecting all the work we’re doing to raise Awareness, create Community and enable Empowerment in our work to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

Our educational awareness program Discover Your Power has gained traction across the region. Since the beginning of the 2016/2017 school year we’ve taught over 85 sessions in Elementary, Middle, High Schools, and College Campus’ and Women service agencies. This represents over 3,000 individuals of all genders who now know how to trust their intuition, help a friend, be an active bystander, and how to feel confident and prepared for anything with a few essential self-defense moves.  More importantly these 3,000+ individuals are now part of our strong community, sharing the knowledge we gave them with their peers to affect change.

Our primary event Cycle and Walk the WAVE turns 10 this September!  We are busy adding new sponsors and elements to celebrate this milestone anniversary. We hope you and your friends will join us on September 17, 2017 at Bellevue College.

Subscribe to our Facebook page and stay tuned for more exciting news from The WAVE Foundation in the next few weeks in regards to new partnerships that are focused on increasing our reach and impact.

We’re Against Violence Everywhere. Because it Can Happen to Anyone!