The WAVE Story

In 2000, a group of passionate women were compelled by the statistic that one out of every three women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. In 2008, they created Cycle the WAVE, an all-women’s cycling event that celebrated the power of sisterhood and catalyzed a larger movement around education and awareness of relationship and sexual violence. Embracing a community centered mission of awareness and empowerment, in 2016 The WAVE Foundation expanded beyond fundraising and grantmaking to offer educational, empowerment program for Middle School, High School and College age students through its “Discover Your Power” program


We stimulate conversation and provide education on how to end the cycle of relationship and sexual Violence.


We harness the power of community to end relationship and sexual violence through our partnerships, events and direct support of agencies.


We empower the individual to take action on behalf of themselves and of others to end relationship and sexual violence.