Our Website has a New Look!

Welcome to The WAVE Foundation’s updated website!

The WAVE Foundation has undergone significant growth the past 12 months and we’re excited to have a website that remains content rich while more accurately reflecting all the work we’re doing to raise Awareness, create Community and enable Empowerment in our work to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

Our educational awareness program Discover Your Power has gained traction across the region. Since the beginning of the 2016/2017 school year we’ve taught over 85 sessions in Elementary, Middle, High Schools, and College Campus’ and Women service agencies. This represents over 3,000 individuals of all genders who now know how to trust their intuition, help a friend, be an active bystander, and how to feel confident and prepared for anything with a few essential self-defense moves.  More importantly these 3,000+ individuals are now part of our strong community, sharing the knowledge we gave them with their peers to affect change.

Our primary event Cycle and Walk the WAVE turns 10 this September!  We are busy adding new sponsors and elements to celebrate this milestone anniversary. We hope you and your friends will join us on September 17, 2017 at Bellevue College.

Subscribe to our Facebook page and stay tuned for more exciting news from The WAVE Foundation in the next few weeks in regards to new partnerships that are focused on increasing our reach and impact.

We’re Against Violence Everywhere. Because it Can Happen to Anyone!

Key Bank rides the WAVE!

New this year Key Bank have stepped up to a Gold Level sponsorship of the event and are riding the WAVE with their  “Key for a Cure” Team. Supporting the local community has always been “key” to their success and is also the driving force in their innovative Key4Women program:

Key4Women® is a nationwide community of entrepreneurial and executive business women brought together by KeyBank to help them thrive. As a member of the Key4Women network women enjoy exclusive networking opportunities with other women who share a passion for business.

Key Bank have long been committed to championing women in business, with a fifty-year history of financing women-owned business. This philosophy flows from their top leadership, with CEO Beth Mooney serving as the first female chief executive of a top 20 bank. Join your peers in this unique women network; membership is free and available to businesswomen who bank with KeyBank.

Be sure to say a nice “hello” if you spot the Key for a Cure team on the route and thank them for their support!



John Duggan – AKA The King of Water Bottles!

Longtime WAVE supporter John Duggan, Cycling Attorney has given out about 17,000 free bicycle water bottles throughout the Puget Sound region! He has done a variety of “joint venture” bottles including the last five beautiful WAVE designs. These bottles have taken on a life of their own and many have become worldwide travelers as people take staged photos in exotic locations around the world (Machu Picchu, Peru photo below).

“Years ago when my practice began focusing on bicycle advocacy, I was looking for a “giveaway” type item that would have some sort of bicycle connection. A buddy of mine told me that if I was going to give away something, make sure it was good quality”.  John found a high quality bottle that meets all of these requirements made by Specialized here in the USA.   His bottles cost three times more than the cost of the cheaper versions but they are the best in the business with soft, safe plastic and a rubber valve.

The Duggan-sponsored bottle (also known as a “JD”) certainly has become part of the Duggan branding machine. “Whenever I see cycling photos on Facebook I will always look to see what bottle the cyclist is using. While I am riding I will also take notice if I see a ‘JD’ on somebody else’s bike.”

JD Macchu Bottle pic

“About six years ago my family and I were in Waterford, Ireland at a summer festival with some cousins when a bicycle police officer came whizzing by. I am always curious as to what type of bike the police officers are using and while looking at the bike I noticed, to my amazement, that the police officer had a ‘JD’ water bottle. After the officer finished apprehending the person he was chasing, I introduced myself and asked him where he obtained the bottle. As it turns out, his mother lives near my cousin and my cousin had left several bottles with his mother.”   What a small world—Duggan certainly did not expect to see one of his bottles on a police bike 6000 miles from Seattle!

In a soon to be published website, the JD bottle will have its own page, so that people can upload their photos of the water bottle…sort of a “Where’s Waldo?”  While we are pretty certain that the “JD” has traveled to every continent in the world except Antarctica, it’s his support of 17 teams  and many local events like Cycle the WAVE that make John Duggan a bona fide “King” in our eyes!

Enjoy your ride (for $10 off) and get your Top Pot too!

Since 2008, Cycle the WAVE has provided participants a deluxe & memorable ride experience with many special signature touches and fabulous food along the way.

We provide this high level of support for an affordable one-time registration fee…. And that fee just went down by $10 today! Just sign up using code JOINME (all caps, no spaces) during the month of August to get $10 off the event.

Maybe you have ridden the ride many times and are on the fence about trying the same routes- so we want to let everyone know about some awesome revised new routes (& walk) for 2016!

Burly Girl (70-mile) heads north to Redmond, Woodinville & Sammamish via scenic roads before joining the Girly Girl & MS routes for the last 12 miles.   Middle Sister (45-mile) has an added Redmond loop and is a perfect step-up from the classic 29-mile Girly Girl Lake Sammamish loop. The Little Sister 11-mile beginner friendly loop we added last year received rave reviews. A fun new WALK the WAVE 5.8km option has been added for those who prefer 2 feet to 2 wheels- kids 11 & under (both sexes) are free!

We REALLY prefer not like to resort to “bribery by sweets”…but did you hear that we’ll have, Top Pot Doughnuts, Nothing Bundt Cakes & Vavako Chocolate at the event this year?




top pot logo




Register Today with Special Discount Code:  JOINME   (all caps, no spaces)

*Receive $10 off registration thru August 31st